Origin and development

      At the very beginning, in the difficult years of reconstruction after the Second World War, Edgar Held recognised the need to protect people’s hands from injuries at work and in the cold at any time of the year. From the very beginning, the protective second skin had to be as pleasant and at the same time as robust as possible. Natural and resistant leathers have always been the best choice for this purpose, combined with the high demand for perfect quality workmanship, Held gloves have always offered customers maximum comfort and benefits.

      The growing prosperity in the 60s increasing fashion awareness also awakened a desire for creating new process and techniques within the Held Company from a very early stage. Thanks to the growing variety of materials, new glove models were developed to respond to the changing needs of society. The motorisation and mobility of the general population in the 70s lead to Held developing the first motorcycle gloves. In the further course of time, the cooperation with renowned motorcycle racers resulted in the first high-performance models for motorcycle racing, the quality of which is reflected in the numerous styles developed.

      Products of the highest performance level were then as now part of our DNA and we are honored with the many awards and top marks in numerous tests we have achieved over the decades. Our high readiness for innovation and continuous improvement paired with the flexibility and passion of a family business in its third generation create the prerequisites for this. The solidarity and loyalty of more than 150 employees and long-term cooperation with more than 3,000 dealers in Europe complete the pillars of success.

      The further development from a being a motorcycle glove manufacturer to a full range supplier for motorcycle clothing is the logical consequence. With the gloves from our own production we sell probably the best products in their class globally.


      „Today we work in the motorcycle clothing segment and are committed to the long-term production of quality products at the highest level. With our products we strive to improve the conditions for motorcyclists in everyday motorcycling and leisure life and support the fun of motorcycling, but always with the aim of offering the greatest possible physical protection. We are extensively involved in motorcycle racing precisely because, in cooperation with our racers we are able to incorporate important findings into the development of collection due to the extreme stresses and the highest possible demand on materials and workmanship. For this purpose, we are also looking for strategic cooperation’s with material manufacturers or suppliers of products with the same quality standards and ethos, which represent a sensible addition to the Held range. In this way we want to guarantee motorcyclists and our trading partners worldwide the best possible supply of motorcycle accessories from a single source“.

      Buisness strategy

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