By combining cutting-edge technologies and user experience, In&motion develops and markets intelligent airbag protection systems whose purpose is to reduce injuries in the event of a crash.

      After developing an airbag for skiers in the fields of ski cross and downhill, In&motion developed an autonomous airbag protection system for motorcyclists. Initially, the system was only worn by professional athletes in MotoGP, Moto2, FSBK, etc., before being introduced to the general public (bikers and scooter riders) in October 2018. It is the only autonomous airbag system that has been rated by the SRA with, 5/5. Furthermore, In&motion developed a mechanical deployment system specifically for riders.

      Thousands of users have been protected from injuries in crashes and accidents on 20 million kilometers ridden to date. These are thousands of arguments for In&motion’s most important mission: to protect bikers and save lives.

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