Helmet care


          General hints for professional care and cleaning of helmets

          Helmet outer shell

          Clean the helmet shell regularly with lukewarm clean soapy water or a micro-fibre cloth. Let the helmet dry, keeping it away from excessive heat, then polish the helmet with a soft cloth. Please avoid contact with solvents, such as paints, glue or fuel.


          Clean your visor regularly with lukewarm soapy water and a soft cloth. Washing-up liquid is helpful to shift really sticky bugs. Also a wet cloth can placed on the visor until the dirt can be removed easily. Use a cloth or a clean towel to dry our helmet. Never use a hair dryer. Do not use any polish, window cleaner or solvents. These products could damage the coating of the visor and weaken its surface.

          Detachable inner lining and cheek pads

          Detach the cheek pads and the inner lining and wash them with mild detergent (baby shampoo is ideal) in hand-hot water. Rinse thoroughly, squeeze out the water, and let them dry slowly. Do not use a washing machine or spin dryer.

          Non-detachable inner lining and cheek pads

          Use lukewarm soapy water and apply with a sponge. After that, use clean water and dry slowly.

          Used parts

          General hints for professional care and cleaning of mechanical parts

          Metal zippers should be lubricated with candle wax, pencil lead or oil. Plastic zippers are maintenance-free.

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