Leather care


          General hints for professional care and cleaning of leather

          HELD apparel with leather or leather/textile construction.

          Each time using your garment, air it well and remove dirt with a soft brush and clean water. Do not store the products in air-tight plastic bags. Never treat leather with solvents or chemical products. Do not use a washing machine or spin-dryer for leather. We recommend only hand wash with tepid water (40°C) and leather detergent. Dry all leather products at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight, artificial heating or hairdryers.

          Leather care

          To slow the natural ageing process of leather (formation of tears, crazing, reduction in strength or waterproofi ng etc.), we recommend you use the following care products.

          Remember that some treatments can change the original appearance of leather. You should not be concerned by this, since in use, the material and its characteristics will be improved by such treatment.


          When washing leather, it can loose some colour and the soft feel.

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