Textile care

          Textile materials

          General hints for professional care and cleaning of textiles

          HELD apparel of textile fibres

          Garments produces from textile fibres and fabrics should always be cleaned to prolong its lifecycle. HELD textiles can be washed in the washing machine. However, please use mild textile detergents only, do not use fabric softener. Fill the washing machine no more than half -full.

          EXCEPTIONS to this are our inflatable protectors vests Air Vest, Clip-in Air Vest, Air Vest II, eVest Clip-in and eVest. These may only be wiped off with a damp cloth and never washed!
          The articles 92070 and 92170, eVest Clip-in and eVest can also be sent to Held for professional cleaning for a fee.


          Body armour (such as shoulder/elbow or special foam CE back protectors) must always be removed before starting the washing process.

          Basic hints for using textile impregnators

          Each time using the garment, air it well and remove dirt with a soft brush and clean water. The fabric has to be clean and humid. The impregnation will be effected after washing. Please treat the product only outdoors or in well ventilated rooms. The effect of the impregnation developes best after a warm treatment with:

          • Dryer: allowed maximum temperature see care label
          • Hairdryer: 10-15 minutes with a distance of 20-30 cm
          • Electric iron: Level 2, put under a cotton towel

          The impregnation should be repeated accordingly the number and duration of wet weather rides. You should re-impregnate waterproof textile garments after each wash to renew the natural roll off-effect of the outer fabric.

          General hints for professional care and cleaning of Wax-Cotton Products made of waxed cotton (Wax-Cotton)

          General hints for professional care and cleaning of textiles

          Please wash products with an outer material of waxed cotton according to the specific care instructions for your product with detergent for functional fabrics, e.g. Art. 92138 Apparel Wash. After washing impregnate the garment, e.g. with impregnation spray Art. 92139 Apparel Proof. To obtain the water-repellent function of the garment and the special wax look, rub the product after washing with a special textile wax. Depending on the level of wax you require, a thick or thin wax layer can be applied.

          By the way …
          … our Held Care Products care range is perfectly matched to your Held outfit. The individual products or cleverly combined sets of high-quality cleaning agents and accessories leave nothing to be desired and extend the life of textile jackets and trousers, leather combinations, boots and gloves.

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